Advantages of buying an ex-demonstrator

Advantages of buying an ex-demonstrator

Ex- demo cars represent outstanding value and are a great way to get a high specification car for a much reduced price. An ex-demonstrator is usually a display model in a dealership’s showroom. These cars will have been used for test drives so the mileage will be low compared to other used cars and will be the genuine amount. There will be a previous owner on the car as it will be registered to the dealership.

The dealership will want to showcase the best aspects of a model; the ex-demo car is generally chosen with its best features and will probably be the highest spec. Some, many or all of these may be optional extras and upgrades you won't find in the standard version. If you are looking for a great value purchase an ex-demonstrator means that you get a high specification car without having to pay directly for these extras. When buying a new car, you can choose the exact spec and options you want, paying full price and waiting weeks for delivery. 

At the Gilder Group you can drive away your ex-demonstrator with peace of mind knowing that there is a full service history (which will be Honda or Mitsubishi approved), along with the remainder of the manufacturer and Gilder’s warranty. April or September are the best times to get a bargain on an ex-demo due to new stock being brought in with new registration plates. Great finance packages are available and a great trade-in value for your car completed in one transaction.  

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Gilders cars come with this peace of mind package

  • 7 Day Drive Away Insurance

    7 Day Drive Away Insurance

  • Multipoint Check

    Multipoint Check

  • Mileage History Check

    Mileage History Check

  • HPI Check

    HPI Check

  • Competitive FC Approved Finance

    Competitive FC Approved Finance

  • Up to 24 months Roadside Assistance

    Up to 24 months Roadside Assistance

  • Transfer of Manufacturer Warranty

    Transfer of Manufacturer Warranty