Winter Driving Tips

Winter Driving Tips


Winter has arrived and it is definitely time to prepare for the cold. Both you and your car need extra care when it comes to driving in snowy and icy conditions as the chance of being involved in an incident will rapidly increase. We have put together some tips which we think are very important and should be followed along with getting a winter health check at your local Gilder Group.

If the weather is atrocious then make sure that you only drive if it is really necessary. You don’t want to put yourself in danger just to get some beans form your local shop: things like going shopping can wait another day. Plan ahead by checking your local weather forecast to make sure that the weather is good enough to drive in.

Getting a clear view

When clearing your windscreen don’t use hot water as it can cause many issues for your car windows and could potentially cause your windscreen to crack! Make sure you get an ice scraper or even a de-icing aerosol if necessary. To prevent windscreen wash from freezing, mix it with some screen washer fluid.

Top up

Many unforeseen circumstances like traffic jams can occur and these are bad enough in good weather let alone snow. The constant stop and start motion drains your fuel tank very quickly so make sure that you have more than enough to get you to your destination.

Prepare you and your car

You will never know how long you can be stuck in traffic for so make sure that you have these essentials with you;

- Warm clothing

- Blankets

- Walking boots

- First aid kit

- Phone charger

- Road atlas

- Jump leads

- Shovel

- A torch

- Screen wash top up

- Water to drink and for the car

- De-icer

- Snacks


Check your tyres

Make sure that there is enough tread on those tyres as when driving in the snow there’s less to grip on to. We recommend having much more than the legal minimum of 1.6mm of tread the greater the tread, the more traction you will get. You can easily gauge the depth of tread by using the depth of a 20 pence coin. 


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