Used Vehicle Extended Warranty

We Guarantee you won't be disappointed.

1 year RRP £399.50 Our Price £299.00
2 years RRP £707.00 Our Price £550.00
3 years RRP £940.00 Our Price £699.00 (Honda only)
You can even spread your payments over 10 months.

Honda Extended Guarantee includes:
Home assistance
Recovery assistance
Roadside assistance
European assistance


  • No mileage limit
  • No limit on number of claims
  • Any vehicle up to 8 years old accepted*
  • Up to 90 days continual care
  • Overnight accommodation and car hire allowance
  • Roadside, home and assistance cover available

Honda Happiness. What it covers?


ABS Module, Sensor and Pump

Air Conditioning

Pump, Compressor and Condenser

Braking System

Brake Limiter Valve, Callipers, Master Cylinder, Servo (Vacuum Pump) and Wheel Cylinders
Casings Engine, Final Drive, Gearbox and Transmission Casings

Catalytic Converter

Converter Only (Accident Damage Excluded)

Central Locking

Solenoids, Locking Motors, Door Locks and Electronic control Units


Clutch Cover, Clutch Fork and Pivot, Clutch Plate, Master Cylinder, Slave Cylinder and Thrust Bearing


Oil, Oil Filter, Gaskets, Brake Fluid, Hoses and Antifreeze Due to the failure of a Covered Component. All other consumables are not covered.

Cooling System

Radiator, Thermostat, Thermostat Housing, Viscous Fan Coupling and Water Pump.


CV Joints, Cross Shafts, Crown Wheel and Pinion, Differential, Drive Shafts, Half Shafts, Pinion Carrier Bearings, Prop shaft, Sun and Planet Gears, Universal Joints, Washers and Spacers


Alternator, Coil, Computers, Cooling Fan Motor, Distributor, Electric Window Motors, Electric Ignition System (Including ECU and DME Units), Headlamp Wiper Motors, Heated Front and Rear Screen Elements, Heater Plug, Heating Fan Motor, Horn, Indicator Unit, Relays, Starter Motor and Windscreen Wiper Motors (Front and Rear), Sunroof Motor and Switches


Camshaft, Camshaft Followers, Camshaft Pulleys, Conrods and Bearings, Crankshaft and Bearings, Cylinder Bores, Cylinder Head, Cylinder Head Gasket, Flywheel, Gudgeon Pins, Oil Pump, Pistons and Rings, Push Rods, Rocker Assembly, Starter Ring Gear, Tappet Gear, Tensionsers, Timing Belts, Timing Chains, Timing Gears, Valves and Guides

Fuel System

Carburettor, Chokes, Electrical Components, Fuel Pump, Fuel Gauge, Fuel Injection System and Tank Sender Unit


Automatic Gearbox Components, Electric Governor, Manual Gearbox Components, Oil Cooler, Overdrive Unit and Torque Converter Oil Seals & Gaskets
Any Which Require the Removal of a Major Component i.e) Engine, Gearbox and/or Differential

Steering & Suspension

Idler Box, PAS Pump, PAS Rock, Pressure Pipes, Rack and Pinion, Reservoir And Steering Box, Coil Springs, Wishbones, Ball-Joints, Hydrolostic Displacer Units, Suspension Arms and Torsion Bar, Anti-Roll Bars

Turbo Unit

Turbo Unit, Including Wastegate

Wheel Bearings

Wheel Bearings only (Not Hubs)

*Only available on Honda, any non-Honda is up to 5 years old. Listed Exclusions Any non-factory fitted component, such as an alarm, immobiliser, tracking device, Ipg conversion etc. Body components such as strikers, hinges or any component which may require adjustment form time to time. Body panels or paintwork. Interior trim including seats and seat belts. Recharging of air conditioning unit (unless required as part of a valid repair). Renewal of brake components due to wear & tear. Renewal of any clutch components due to incorrect adjustment or misuse. Clearing of fuel lines, filters, carburettors and pumps. Airbags, batteries, bulbs, exhaust systems, wiper blades, wheel balancing & alignment, wheels, tyres and water ingress (including damage to covered parts caused be water). Impact or negligence. Traffic management system. Non-factory fitted radio cassette. Normal maintenance services & replacement of such items as, but not limited to, spark plugs, plug leads, points and wiring looms. Any loss caused directly or indirectly by the claim or the event that caused the claim. Damage resulting from the failure of a timing belt which has not been replaced as per the manufacturer's recommendations. Please note that oil, oil filters, gaskets, antifreeze and brake fluids required due to the failure of a covered component are covered. Service Requirements: In order to maintain the validity of the Guarantee Cover, the vehicle must be serviced in accordance with the Manufacturer's Service Schedule by a Honda authorised dealer. A maximum allowance of 30 days or 750 miles in excess of the stipulated time or mileage is permitted. This time allowance is to help the vehicle's owner ensure that services are completed at the correct intervals. If any circumstances prevent the services being carried out at the correct time, the Company must be informed immediately in writing and by recorded delivery post.